What is a PMA and why might I join?

A Private Healthcare Membership Association (PMA) is a way of doing business that is outside the scope of the public domain. More and more professionals are moving in this direction in order to offer services to provide their clientele greater choice and options to achieve their desired wellness goals. 


Sometimes the well meaning laws of government become a hindrance to helping each other without jeopardizing your own freedoms. Many times the constraints of the AMA, FDA, and FTC are about making healthcare an industry that profits rather than a healthcare system whose purpose is to help people recover their health.


Current law restricts many professionals from offering alternative solutions outside of "standard of practice" without jeopardizing their professional license. Some of those same laws restrict what alternative health professionals can say or do.   


According to the 1st and 14th amendments of the constitution, government agencies have very limited jurisdiction over private membership associations because they are not in the public domain. 


By being a member of a private membership healthcare association, freedoms to serve members with alternative solutions exist.  By joining Center for Health Alliance, a private healthcare membership association, you become part of a member-to-member association that is outside public domain with protected freedoms for helping each other.


All services provided by Center for Health Alliance, a private healthcare membership association, other than a Personal Blueprint Numerology Chart, are provided to members only.  Once you join the PMA, click on the Members Only tab and enter your email address.  Once I receive word that you have requested access, I will grant access on my end.  This is where class information and various health tips and tricks will be housed.


To become a member of Center for Health Alliance, a private healthcare membership association, click HERE to read, sign and submit the membership contract.  There is a one-time, lifetime membership fee of $20 to become part of the association.  Once the contract is signed and the fee is paid, we can begin working to achieve your desired goals!  If you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT me at your convenience.

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