Karen Edwards Fu has accumulated a variety of tools over the past 20 years to assist others in transforming their lives.  She uses an eclectic approach in order to achieve the most efficient result desired by members she serves.  Her specialty is helping others make sense of their lives and to understand their relationship dynamics more fully. Below are a few of the services she draws upon in this process.

Blueprint Numerology

Numerology has been around for over 5,000 years and was widely used by older civilizations for both prediction and healing purposes.  Blueprint of the Soul as taught by Joseph P. Ghabi, is a system that focuses on healing.  I've often heard the statement by some parents that "I wish these kids came with instructions!" Well, I'm here to tell you, they do, and so do you!  Have you read your soul contract?  You will be amazed by how much of your personality and life patterns and experiences can be explained by your date of birth and the name you use today.  This information helped me understand my life from a whole new perspective and I can help you do the same.   

Relationship Consultation

After years of working with couples in a therapeutic setting, I came to the conclusion that there are 5 prerequisites to having a satisfying relationship, which are: (1) to know yourself, (2) to effectively communicate, (3) to effectively manage loss and separation, (4) to utilize functional self-soothing, coping skills, and (5) a willingness to be vulnerable. However, today I would definitely include (6) to understand your energy vibration.  


​How we express ourselves provides clues to our vibration...

 Ancestral Clearings

Ancestral Clearing is an amazing modality that works like magic, and it has become my "go to" healing modality!


The process involves peacemaking and forgiveness of the past.  As a former psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, I noticed that unforgiveness, particularly of the Self, is often the root of many unresolved issues that can lead to health challenges. 


How does this process work you might ask?  It is based on the principle that the sensations we feel in our body around the thoughts or reactions we have in a given situation are the gateway to clearing burdens we carry from our past that block us from the inner peace most of us are longing to experience... 


Some of the other tools I use are:


Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique (BEST): This is a gentle hands-on technology that balances the body and restores it to original design energetically by removing interference created by sub-conscious thoughts.  

Morter March:  This is an exercise you can use to balance your neuroemotional body.  


Akashic Records Readings and Clearings: 

The Akashic Records are also referred to as the "Book of Life" as they record your Soul's journey of experience.

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