With over 20 years experience working in the healing arts profession, Karen Edwards Fu guides others through the process of transforming their lives.  It is her passion to help others understand themselves and their life patterns at a deeper level.  She uses the Blueprint Numerology of the Soul as the primary assessment tool.  This tool not only highlights a person's Destiny, it also highlights challenges, patterns or areas one may feel stuck in their life.


Your chart is like having a personal GPS for life and can help you get back on track should you get lost along the way toward fulfillment of your goals and your Destiny.  It is surprising how much your date of birth and the name you use can reveal to you.  


With awareness a chart can bring, a plan can then be customized to assist interested persons desiring to work with Karen in achieving more stability on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of life.



Blueprint Numerologist - Joseph P. Ghabi

Numerology B.E.S.T. - Joseph P. Ghabi

Ancestral Clearing Training Certificate, Levels I and II - John Newton

Akashic Reading & Clearing Training - Mary Baxter, Ph.D.

Elite Diplomate B.E.S.T. Practitioner - Morter Health Services

M.S. Degree Marriage and Family Counseling, CSU Fresno, CA - Retired 2018

Coursework at Global College of Natural Medicine

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