Relationship Consultations

After years of working with couples in a therapeutic setting, I came to the conclusion that there are 5 prerequisites to having a satisfying relationship, which are: (1) to know yourself, (2) to effectively communicate, (3) to effectively manage loss and separation, (4) to utilize functional self-soothing, coping skills, and (5) a willingness to be vulnerable. However, today I would definitely include (6) to understand your energy vibration.  


​How we express ourselves provides clues to our vibration.  This impacts how comfortable we are with others, and vice versa.  Let's face it, there are likely some people in your life that are naturally easy to get along with and others who are not. 


Energy compatibility is probably the least researched aspect of intimate relationship dynamics.  Not all vibrations are compatible with each other.  However, there are things that can be done to improve expression in some situations.  With communication problems being the most common issue that prompt couples to reach out for help, understanding this is essential and can go a long way to improving relationship satisfaction.  


Comparing a couple's energetic expression and clearing burdens brought into the relationship from our past is more important in helping them understand and improve their relationship dynamics than any other traditional approach in my opinion.  Rather than playing the blame game that is so common in couple dynamics, learning to take personal responsibility for your feelings and needs, clearing past burdens that contaminate the present, goes a long way toward improving conflict resolution and relationship dynamics.  

In a relationship consultation, whether it be with yourself or others,  I draw from a variety of tools I've gathered over the years to help others develop a deeper understanding of themselves, and to identify areas of personal development that is likely to lead to greater relationship satisfaction.  

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