Ancestral Clearings

Ancestral Clearing is an amazing modality that has become my "go to" healing modality!


The process involves peacemaking and forgiveness of the past.  


As a former psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, I noticed that unforgiveness, particularly of the Self, is often the root of many unresolved issues that can lead to health challenges.  


In addition, much to our surprise, the root of our issue(s) may stem from experiences that are embedded in our lineage or other soul experiences.

How does this process work you might ask?  It is based on the principle that the sensations we feel in our body around the thoughts or reactions we have in a given situation are the gateway to clearing burdens we carry from our past that block us from the inner peace most of us are longing to experience.  The body speaks volumes to us in terms of what the medical system refers to as "symptoms." 


In this practice we do not assess, diagnose or treat in the traditional sense of those words.  What we do is focus on the sensations that often come in the form of tingling, heat, pressure, tension and the like.  By noticing and acknowledging the sensations and breathing into them, we are often reminded of a time in our lives when those same sensations were experienced.  


From here we do specific peacemaking and forgiveness prayers developed by John Newton at Health Beyond Belief.  He has over 30 years experience in working with and teaching others from all walks of life who desire a life free of physical and emotional pain, chronic stress, and much more.  This work also helps people discover their true and eternal nature, free of suffering.  

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