A Soul Profile Reading describes who you are at your deepest and highest levels – your strengths, your contracts and agreements – and your life purpose! Soul Clearing removes obstacles and interferences in your life. These obstacles operate at a subconscious level. This feels like you know something is getting in your way – but you don’t know what it is! Soul Clearing and Shielding radically transform the context of your life. The detailed report you receive of your Soul Profile and Soul Clearing is a reference of your Soul’s experience that will bring you strength and inspiration on your journey.


 The Soul Profile describes your Soul’s history. You will learn about the specialized skills and abilities you bring into this incarnation, and about contracts and agreements you have made for this lifetime. Are there past lives that affect the lifetime you are now living? Find answers to questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Why am I in this relationship, this job, this situation? Why are challenging people in my life?

Akashic Readings & Clearings

The Soul Clearing is the healing aspect of this reading. It addresses disruptive energies that may have been attracted through patterns of thought and behavior, consciously or unconsciously, or projected by the thoughts and intentions of others, in this or in other lifetimes. If there is a need to clear blockages and limitations that do not serve you, the Soul Clearing identifies what they are and releases you from them. Through the assistance of Angelic Beings, these blockages and disruptions are removed, and shields are placed to keep your energy field protected in Light. This provides a great opportunity to transform challenging situations.